The Weirdest Part About Eating Alone In A Nice Restaurant…

The weirdest part about eating alone in a nice restaurant isn’t that you’re surrounded by couples and families. It’s this:

That’s an entire thing of bread about the size of a Subway footlong — which I promptly finished in front of all those couples and families…

(Side note: I’m posting this on my phone over spotty wifi. So, this might just come out as HTML gibberish.)

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PRESENTING: My New Byline Photo

I don’t think I’m a narcissist, but…


Come on, this is pretty awesome

(Thanks, Michael Seto!)


Our Cat Doesn’t Know How To Drink Sink Water

In an effort to turn our cats into Internet stars, I’ve decided to take more video of them doing cat-like things. This is Gala drinking (but not really) water from the sink:

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Safe And Sound From Sandy

After seeing a bunch of photos of the damage and flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy, I felt compelled to go outside and see what kind of damage was left behind by the storm.

Luckily, there wasn’t much to see. Just a few downed trees and awnings blown off storefronts.

One of two downed trees that landed just a few feet from my car.

Another downed tree that somehow landed in-between two parked cars.

The sign/awning for Brazilian restaurant “Carioca Grill” was blown off.

Starbucks doesn’t mess around with hurricanes.

Food stands, however, have no fear.

Astoria lucked out for the most part. We still have power and running water, and some shops and delis are open for business.

And yes, the cats are doing just fine.

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My Mom Sends Me The Most Adorable Emails

A recent email sent by my mom:

“hi william : you are so busy? how’s Peper doing ? the you job is do what? , the car still park at N Y is safety ? you think mom to many??????      because you haven’t give me the  mail say hope you always tell me your things

mom miss ,love you”


(I love you too, mom)

Exactly One Year Ago Today, I Left New York City For Good

Adam, Rita, and Gao Di saying goodbye to me over falafels and soup dumplings. I’ll have to say goodbye to them this summer.

Or, something like that. June 4, 2011 was the day that I would leave New York to begin what some people might call a “new chapter in my life.”

Three nights earlier, I went out for “goodbye drinks” with some former (and now current, again) co-workers. That same night, I went out for more “goodbye drinks” with a friend. The following night, there was a more formal “goodbye drinks” gathering with some more friends. (Tell your friends you’re leaving forever and you’ll get a bunch of free drinks. Who knew?)

Come June 3rd, I only had 10% of my stuff packed away and I had until 6 am the next day to take care of the remaining 90%. Easy, I thought. All I have to do is throw everything in some boxes and toss it in the car.

But what about the cat? How am I gonna catch her and put her in a cat carrier thing? And how the hell do you transport a live betta fish across the country? And what about all my food and ice cream left in the freezer? No way am I leaving that ice cream behind.

I quickly realized that I had severely overestimated my packing abilities and spatial reasoning. I stayed up all night packing, taping, lifting, and fitting all my stuff into the car. No sleep whatsoever on the night before a 24-hour cross country road trip.

Once I hit the road, I took one last look at the city from the Verrazano Bridge. There’s no way I’m not coming back, I thought – or, hoped, really.

Sure enough, I came back. Eight months later, I moved back into the city. To my surprise, none of my friends were mad that they bought me drinks and shed some tears only to see me again months later as if nothing had changed.

Thank You, Piper Wallingford…

… for two wonderful years together. Here’s to many more.

Happy anniversary.


Will Wei


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